Hand Yoga


For thousands of years people have been performing Hand Yoga (also known as mudras.) You may think that these gestures are limited to Asia and India but in fact people have been doing different variations of Hand Yoga in all parts of the globe for millenia. People say that these activities have been used to elevate consciousness, improve health and to gain more physical and spiritual power.

Below is a list of the most common forms of Hand Yoga:

1) Mudra is the most well known form of Hand Yoga which involves placing the fingers and hands in specific positions as prescribed by the ancient Vedas (knowledge of India). The mudra can bring a person’s mind to greater peace but also the mudra can be a result of intense bliss or spiritual ecstasy.

2) Palmistry is also a quite well know type of Hand Yoga that aims to foresee the personality traits, karma and therefore future of a person. It has recently become quite popular in the West but has been practiced throughout Asia for ten’s of centuries. Palmistry is quite an amazing science that relies on the fact that the whole body is mapped out on the hands.


3) Massage is a wonderful technique to improve the strength, vitality and health of the hands as well as the entire body. This yogic practice is completely mainstream now with millions of massage centers around the world. There are various simple massage techniques that can act as complete yoga for the hands.

4) Hand strength and exercises are the most gross form of hand yoga. We all know it is beneficial to have a strong hand, whether it’s for shaking hands with your boss, climbing a rock wall or simply clenching the shopping bags.

5) Hand walking is an example of real strength in ones hands and arms as a result of training and perfecting yoga postures. Click the link to see this small girl is demonstrating her great strength by walking effortlessly across the floor on her hands!

6) Hand diseases are as a result of not doing hand yoga and neglecting the health of the body. There are also hereditary hand diseases such as dupuytren’s contracture but this also can be greatly improved by doing some basic hand exercises and massage.

7) Yoga is of course the base for hand yoga and it involves more than just physical postures. The real translation and meaning of the word yoga is “unity” – unity of life, unity of consciousness and unity of mind and body. The practice of yoga also entails meditation, breathing exercises as well as the traditional postures that you see people doing at the beach or at the local health spa.

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