Chakra Healing with Sound


The chakras are energy centers within our bodies and aura, and the Sanskrit word means “spinning wheel of energy”. There are seven main chakras receiving and transmiting energy, and each chakra is associated and connected with a different part of the body. Each chakra is positioned at a major endocrine gland, and a nerve bundle called a plexus. Each chakra has a different colour, and different gem stones and crystals can be connected with each chakra. Understanding and knowing how to use your chakras can promote spiritual, emotional and physical health, and can bestow energy to your manifestational work.

Modern Quantum science only now realizing what the ancient holy men and magicians have told us for millenia; that everything in our Cosmos, including you, is in a constant state of vibration. Everything has a optimum range of vibration, and that range is known as a resonance. Inner balance equals resonance. Sound is a basic form of vibration, and in order to use sound to heal, you must acknowledge that every cell and organ in your body emits and absorbs sound, and has a exact resonance. A very direct and profound way to influence the resonance within the cells of your body with sound, is by using Chakra balancing sounds.

Feelings and intellectual states also have particular resonance frequencies; this is the evolutionary power behind spiritual music, prayer and mantras. Emotions and intellectual states are also connected to the exact chakra balancing frequencies. When we expose a Chakra to it’s particular Chakra balancing frequency long enough, we will achieve Chakra balance; and when your Chakras are in Chakra balance, so is the rest of you, mind, body and soul.

Tibetan singing bowls are useful for meditation and to trigger trance states. Tibetan singing bowls are the subject of many legends and speculation. Some feel they were used only for meditation, while a few believe they were tools for the magical transformation of self, and of matter. I believe both theories, and that is why I use Chakra balancing Tibetan singing bowls, blended with the organic sounds of the ocean’s waves, to produce the mystical and transformative binaural beat Chakra healing sound MP3s and CDs. The primal sound is unrivaled for achieving a meditative state, and by using Tibetan singing bowls attuned to Chakra sounds, we can evoke a deep transformation of the mind, body and soul.

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