What are Some Ways to Help Prevent Allergies from Occuring?


Preventing allergies is one of the most important things you must try to do. It is much better to prevent than to cure. As they say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This is the philosophy of natural healthcare which seeks to bring balance to the body through natural means that don’t have negative side effects. It is definitely true that allergies are tough to deal with, but you might as well prevent them rather than trying to fight a blocked nose, itchy eyes and headaches etc. In this article, you will discover several ways to find relief from allergies that can help prevent those allergies from occurring and coming back trying to ruin your health.

How to prevent allergies

1) Drink Ginger

Ginger is a powerful and natural herb for improving ones digestion which is thought to be the source of allergies. This makes sense because your immune system is directly linked to your digestive fire which has the ability to burn incoming pathogens. Ginger acts to stoke the digestive fire and can be eaten raw before meals or added to the food. If you eat it raw then try cutting a thin slice with a little lemon and salt and chew 10 minutes before the meal. Another option is to make some ginger juice but this require a good blender. Ginger certainly can be great for removing your allergies and preventing them.

2) Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is said to be one of the pillars of health. There is a saying that says, “early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.” By going to be before 10pm you are aligning yourself with the cycles and rhythms of nature and you will get the deepest rest which will again boost your immunity and help prevent allergies. Getting enough rest leads to strength, health and the feeling of a refreshed and clear mind.

3) Warm showers

It is proven from many people that a nice relaxing warm shower can help increase chances of going to sleep easier and not having the sniffles so often. Hot water can help clear up your sinuses and guide your nose to breath correctly. Warm showers should not be taken when you already have a strong cold, but when it is just starting out, then get into the shower right away.

Preventing allergies from taking place is very easy once you have a solid baseline of several preventive remedies. It is important that you keep yourself active and moving as much as you possibly can. Your body will be much stronger when you exercise since it will help strengthen up your immune system. It is wonderful how well your body can feel better through simple exercise and using the tips above. They may not give you instant results, but they are definitely powerful. Use the tips above to help increase your chances of preventing those allergies.

What tips do you have for preventing allergies?

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