Hand Strength and Exercises


Hand Yoga (strength and exercises) are routinely prescribed by doctors and therapists for various hand diseases such as dupuytren’s contracture, arthritis, rheumatism, carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries of the hands. There are endless ways to cause stress and strains of the hands this includes different activities like: cooking, sports such as tennis, snowboarding, rock climbing, excessive keyboard use, computer games etc. Repetition of unnatural movements of the hand can quickly lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Hand strength exercises and other therapies are often prescribed for people in need and the exercises vary depending how severe the pain is.

A list of Strength Exercises for the Hand:

1) Hold a tennis ball or stress ball in the hand and firmly grip for a few seconds. Then release and repeat 10 -15 times (depending how you feel). Then repeat for the other hand.

2) Obviously performing any Hand Yoga Mudra poses will help with strengthening and and making the hand more flexible. A particular simple and nice one is the “Namaste Mudra” also know as the prayer pose. This will strengthen your arms and as well as your hands and fingers.


3) The Powerball Gyro is an interesting little device that was developed to help overcome carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and also “tennis elbow”. This device is often recommended by Chiropractors because it offers the hand and wrist a “non impact” way to enhance motion while also adding resistance. It works in a smooth manner and results can be seen very quickly because the weight and resistance that the ball produces corresponds exactly with the speed it is spun. It works with the principles of a gyroscope and is actually quite fun to use.

4) The Mayoclinic offers some great tips of people suffering from Arthritis. The exercises they prescribe are very simple and effective in a reducing pain, improving joint movement and overall hand movement.

5) And as mentioned on another page performing a daily oil massage of the hands is one of the best and easiest things you can do to strengthen, nourish and improve the health of your hands.

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