Hand Walking

Hand-walking Hand walking is an applied version of Hand Yoga. It is a very unusual way to get around but it certainly demonstrates ones strength, flexibility and agility. This activity is often seen in acrobatics, gymnastics and the circus. Although more and more with the explosion of interest in Yoga people can been seen doing such things even at home or at the beach.

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This skill requires great strength of the hands, forearms and upper body. That said anyone can learn how to do hand walking. Below is a nice video where two young girls show you how to train and prepare to be able to comfortably handstands and handstand walking.

Quite impressive video! Main points:

1) First practice by doing push ups in various positions including in a handstand.

2) Practice the handstand against the wall – get confident and also build up your strength.

3) Then try your hand walking. You may need to practice your balance but walking on your hands actually helps with the balance. Later you may be able to do tricks as these girls expertly demonstrate.

Obviously practice makes perfect with hand walking and hand yoga will help. Look at the other our page title strength and exercises for more ideas on how to improve your hand and arm strength.

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