We all know that massage is a wonderful thing but did you know that doing a regular hand and foot massage can greatly improve your health? It is said that the entire body is mapped out on both the hands and the feet. All the organs are represented there and by doing a simple daily massage you will feel great, and if it would improve your state of health you may find that it will be covered by health insurance. You’re bound to experience a refreshing treat, whether you’re paying for it yourself or through insurance.


How to do a hand and foot massage:

1) Warm sesame oil in a small plastic bottle.

2) Pour a table spoon into the palm of one hand.

3) Carefully apply the oil all over your right foot (left foot for ladies). Focus on getting the oil everywhere over your sole, toes and ankles.

4) Then vigorously massage the sole with you thumbs and fingers. You may feel knots and tight areas that can be worked out through applying gentle pressure. These knots are stresses that could be physical or emotional so it is good to spend as much time as you feel you need. Don’t forget to massage the toes. You can also pull on the toes to release pressure that may have built up in the foot.

5) Repeat step 2, 3 & 4 to the other foot.

6) Once you are satisfied with the foot massage, move to the hands.

7) Pour a teaspoon into the palm of one hand and then gently massage the oil over the entire surface of both hands.

8 ) Place the hands together and rub in circles until you feel some warmth and relaxation. Then use your thumb to work on the palms and feel the stresses to work out. Repeat for the other palm.

9) Lastly you can work on each finger by massaging the joints of the finger in a circular motion and then you can pull on the finger length ways. Repeat for each finger.

The total time for this procedure doesn’t need to be more than 10 minutes and the best time to do this is before bed. You’ll sleep like a baby and feel much better. Additionally if you enjoy the massage you can do a complete body massage before showering in the morning. Focus on the head, hands, feet and joints as these are areas that naturally need more lubrication. You can use either sesame, olive or coconut oil depending how you feel. Sesame oil is best in the winter and really opens the channels. Olive oil is good if you get irritated skin from the sesame oil. While coconut oil is great for those hot summer days.

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