Palmistry dates back to ancient India but was also found in China and even to the times of the Roman empire where fortune tellers routinely read peoples hands. Palmistry is certainly a type of Hand Yoga as it pertains to the complete understanding of ones life through reading the lines on a hand.


Palmistry is also known as Chiromancy and involves reading the hands of a person to determine their future, their overall tendencies and their traits including heart health and life span. There are endless lines, “mounts”, print patterns and intersections that help a hand reader to discover the secrets of your future.

Generally men read their right hand and women read their left hand. Both hands are also compared and some believe the other hand carries family history and other karmic traits. If you look closely at both your hands you will see many minute differences. There are lines within lines and they actually change all the time. Many people report that certain lines fade or disappear while others notice that the lines have split or merged with adjoining lines.

Some people refer to palmistry as a mystical practice that has no scientific basis. It is true that often people practice it without any training or with any real knowledge but the truth is that there is now actual scientific evidence that confirms palmistry. For example they looked at patients with down syndrome and discovered that their hands have many lines that relate directly with the condition and so confirm the correlation between hands, personality and life tendencies.

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